Interface MenuContainer

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public interface MenuContainer

The super class of all menu related containers.

Method Summary
 Font sample code for java.awt.Font definition code for java.awt.Font getFont sample code for java.awt.MenuContainer.getFont() definition code for java.awt.MenuContainer.getFont() ()
 boolean postEvent sample code for java.awt.MenuContainer.postEvent(java.awt.Event) definition code for java.awt.MenuContainer.postEvent(java.awt.Event) (Event sample code for java.awt.Event definition code for java.awt.Event  evt)
          Deprecated. As of JDK version 1.1 replaced by dispatchEvent(AWTEvent).
 void remove sample code for java.awt.MenuContainer.remove(java.awt.MenuComponent) definition code for java.awt.MenuContainer.remove(java.awt.MenuComponent) (MenuComponent sample code for java.awt.MenuComponent definition code for java.awt.MenuComponent  comp)

Method Detail

getFont sample code for java.awt.MenuContainer.getFont() definition code for java.awt.MenuContainer.getFont()

Font sample code for java.awt.Font definition code for java.awt.Font  getFont()

remove sample code for java.awt.MenuContainer.remove(java.awt.MenuComponent) definition code for java.awt.MenuContainer.remove(java.awt.MenuComponent)

void remove(MenuComponent sample code for java.awt.MenuComponent definition code for java.awt.MenuComponent  comp)

postEvent sample code for java.awt.MenuContainer.postEvent(java.awt.Event) definition code for java.awt.MenuContainer.postEvent(java.awt.Event)

boolean postEvent(Event sample code for java.awt.Event definition code for java.awt.Event  evt)
Deprecated. As of JDK version 1.1 replaced by dispatchEvent(AWTEvent).