Package java.awt.dnd.peer

Interface Summary
DragSourceContextPeer sample code for java.awt.dnd.peer.DragSourceContextPeer definition code for java.awt.dnd.peer.DragSourceContextPeer This interface is supplied by the underlying window system platform to expose the behaviors of the Drag and Drop system to an originator of the same
DropTargetContextPeer sample code for java.awt.dnd.peer.DropTargetContextPeer definition code for java.awt.dnd.peer.DropTargetContextPeer This interface is exposed by the underlying window system platform to enable control of platform DnD operations
DropTargetPeer sample code for java.awt.dnd.peer.DropTargetPeer definition code for java.awt.dnd.peer.DropTargetPeer The DropTargetPeer class is the interface to the platform dependent DnD facilities.