Package java.awt.image.renderable

Interface Summary
ContextualRenderedImageFactory sample code for java.awt.image.renderable.ContextualRenderedImageFactory definition code for java.awt.image.renderable.ContextualRenderedImageFactory ContextualRenderedImageFactory provides an interface for the functionality that may differ between instances of RenderableImageOp.
RenderableImage sample code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImage definition code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImage A RenderableImage is a common interface for rendering-independent images (a notion which subsumes resolution independence).
RenderedImageFactory sample code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderedImageFactory definition code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderedImageFactory The RenderedImageFactory interface (often abbreviated RIF) is intended to be implemented by classes that wish to act as factories to produce different renderings, for example by executing a series of BufferedImageOps on a set of sources, depending on a specific set of parameters, properties, and rendering hints.

Class Summary
ParameterBlock sample code for java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock definition code for java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock A ParameterBlock encapsulates all the information about sources and parameters (Objects) required by a RenderableImageOp, or other classes that process images.
RenderableImageOp sample code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImageOp definition code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImageOp This class handles the renderable aspects of an operation with help from its associated instance of a ContextualRenderedImageFactory.
RenderableImageProducer sample code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImageProducer definition code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImageProducer An adapter class that implements ImageProducer to allow the asynchronous production of a RenderableImage.
RenderContext sample code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderContext definition code for java.awt.image.renderable.RenderContext A RenderContext encapsulates the information needed to produce a specific rendering from a RenderableImage.