Package javax.naming.event

Interface Summary
EventContext sample code for javax.naming.event.EventContext definition code for javax.naming.event.EventContext Contains methods for registering/deregistering listeners to be notified of events fired when objects named in a context changes.
EventDirContext sample code for javax.naming.event.EventDirContext definition code for javax.naming.event.EventDirContext Contains methods for registering listeners to be notified of events fired when objects named in a directory context changes.
NamespaceChangeListener sample code for javax.naming.event.NamespaceChangeListener definition code for javax.naming.event.NamespaceChangeListener Specifies the methods that a listener interested in namespace changes must implement.
NamingListener sample code for javax.naming.event.NamingListener definition code for javax.naming.event.NamingListener This interface is the root of listener interfaces that handle NamingEvents.
ObjectChangeListener sample code for javax.naming.event.ObjectChangeListener definition code for javax.naming.event.ObjectChangeListener Specifies the method that a listener of a NamingEvent with event type of OBJECT_CHANGED must implement.

Class Summary
NamingEvent sample code for javax.naming.event.NamingEvent definition code for javax.naming.event.NamingEvent This class represents an event fired by a naming/directory service.
NamingExceptionEvent sample code for javax.naming.event.NamingExceptionEvent definition code for javax.naming.event.NamingExceptionEvent This class represents an event fired when the procedures/processes used to collect information for notifying listeners of NamingEvents threw a NamingException.