Package org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage

Exception Summary
Invalid sample code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.Invalid definition code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.Invalid Invalid is thrown by dynamic any operations when a bad DynAny or Any is passed as a parameter.
InvalidSeq sample code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.InvalidSeq definition code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.InvalidSeq The InvalidSeq exception is thrown by all operations on dynamic anys that take a sequence (Java array) as an argument, when that sequence is invalid.
InvalidValue sample code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.InvalidValue definition code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.InvalidValue  
TypeMismatch sample code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.TypeMismatch definition code for org.omg.CORBA.DynAnyPackage.TypeMismatch TypeMismatch is thrown by dynamic any accessor methods when type of the actual contents do not match what is trying to be accessed.