Package org.omg.IOP

Interface Summary
Codec sample code for org.omg.IOP.Codec definition code for org.omg.IOP.Codec The formats of IOR components and service context data used by ORB services are often defined as CDR encapsulations encoding instances of IDL defined data types.
CodecFactory sample code for org.omg.IOP.CodecFactory definition code for org.omg.IOP.CodecFactory Codecs are obtained from the CodecFactory.
CodecFactoryOperations sample code for org.omg.IOP.CodecFactoryOperations definition code for org.omg.IOP.CodecFactoryOperations Codecs are obtained from the CodecFactory.
CodecOperations sample code for org.omg.IOP.CodecOperations definition code for org.omg.IOP.CodecOperations The formats of IOR components and service context data used by ORB services are often defined as CDR encapsulations encoding instances of IDL defined data types.
CodeSets sample code for org.omg.IOP.CodeSets definition code for org.omg.IOP.CodeSets org/omg/IOP/ .
ENCODING_CDR_ENCAPS sample code for org.omg.IOP.ENCODING_CDR_ENCAPS definition code for org.omg.IOP.ENCODING_CDR_ENCAPS org/omg/IOP/ .
ExceptionDetailMessage sample code for org.omg.IOP.ExceptionDetailMessage definition code for org.omg.IOP.ExceptionDetailMessage org/omg/IOP/ .
RMICustomMaxStreamFormat sample code for org.omg.IOP.RMICustomMaxStreamFormat definition code for org.omg.IOP.RMICustomMaxStreamFormat org/omg/IOP/ .
TAG_CODE_SETS sample code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_CODE_SETS definition code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_CODE_SETS org/omg/IOP/ .
TAG_INTERNET_IOP sample code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_INTERNET_IOP definition code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_INTERNET_IOP org/omg/IOP/ .
TAG_JAVA_CODEBASE sample code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_JAVA_CODEBASE definition code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_JAVA_CODEBASE org/omg/IOP/ .
TAG_MULTIPLE_COMPONENTS sample code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_MULTIPLE_COMPONENTS definition code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_MULTIPLE_COMPONENTS org/omg/IOP/ .
TAG_ORB_TYPE sample code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_ORB_TYPE definition code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_ORB_TYPE org/omg/IOP/ .
TAG_POLICIES sample code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_POLICIES definition code for org.omg.IOP.TAG_POLICIES org/omg/IOP/ .
TransactionService sample code for org.omg.IOP.TransactionService definition code for org.omg.IOP.TransactionService org/omg/IOP/ .

Class Summary
CodecFactoryHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.CodecFactoryHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.CodecFactoryHelper Codecs are obtained from the CodecFactory.
ComponentIdHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.ComponentIdHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.ComponentIdHelper Standard way of representing multicomponent profiles.
Encoding sample code for org.omg.IOP.Encoding definition code for org.omg.IOP.Encoding org/omg/IOP/ .
IOR sample code for org.omg.IOP.IOR definition code for org.omg.IOP.IOR org/omg/IOP/ .
IORHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.IORHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.IORHelper org/omg/IOP/ .
IORHolder sample code for org.omg.IOP.IORHolder definition code for org.omg.IOP.IORHolder org/omg/IOP/ .
MultipleComponentProfileHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.MultipleComponentProfileHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.MultipleComponentProfileHelper An array of tagged components, forming a multiple component profile.
MultipleComponentProfileHolder sample code for org.omg.IOP.MultipleComponentProfileHolder definition code for org.omg.IOP.MultipleComponentProfileHolder An array of tagged components, forming a multiple component profile.
ProfileIdHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.ProfileIdHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.ProfileIdHelper Profile ID
ServiceContext sample code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContext definition code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContext org/omg/IOP/ .
ServiceContextHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextHelper org/omg/IOP/ .
ServiceContextHolder sample code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextHolder definition code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextHolder org/omg/IOP/ .
ServiceContextListHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextListHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextListHelper An array of service contexts, forming a service context list.
ServiceContextListHolder sample code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextListHolder definition code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceContextListHolder An array of service contexts, forming a service context list.
ServiceIdHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceIdHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.ServiceIdHelper A service id, represented as an int
TaggedComponent sample code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedComponent definition code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedComponent org/omg/IOP/ .
TaggedComponentHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedComponentHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedComponentHelper org/omg/IOP/ .
TaggedComponentHolder sample code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedComponentHolder definition code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedComponentHolder org/omg/IOP/ .
TaggedProfile sample code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedProfile definition code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedProfile org/omg/IOP/ .
TaggedProfileHelper sample code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedProfileHelper definition code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedProfileHelper org/omg/IOP/ .
TaggedProfileHolder sample code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedProfileHolder definition code for org.omg.IOP.TaggedProfileHolder org/omg/IOP/ .