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Codase Launches the First Comprehensive and Syntax-Aware Source Code Search Service

Fremont, CA - Sep 9, 2005 - Codase, Inc., a leading source code search company, announced today the release of the alpha version of its advanced source code search service, with the service being made immediately available through its website, http://www.codase.com.

Codase is a new kind of search service for open source code. Rather than treating code as text, Codase understands programming languages, and treats code as code, the way it's supposed to be. This unique and syntax-aware approach provides the most accurate and detailed search results with fine granularity levels of controls. With Codase, developers can search functions, classes, strings, constants, macros, comments and other programming language constructs.

Codase hosts huge amount of open source codes providing a much better coverage, as it covers codes usually hidden inside compressed files and source control repositories, where general search engines, such as Google (goog), Yahoo (yhoo), MSN (msft), Baidu (bidu) and Ask Jeeves, fail to find and index them. In addition, Codase only indexes and searches high quality codes with every line of code literally validated and compiled by intelligent and powerful source code analysis engine. This initial alpha release focuses mainly on Linux C/C++ code. Future releases will address other programming languages and platforms.

"Our service represents a major step towards intelligent and quick retrieval of useful and relevant information from the massive amount of unstructured open source codes." said Dr. Huihong Luo, founder of Codase, "By using our service, developers can fully take advantage of existing work and thus improve their own productivity for development."

About Codase, Inc.
Codase is a privately held company based in silicon valley, founded by Dr. Huihong Luo and other veterans in 2004. The company is dedicated to providing the world's best search technologies for source code in terms of features, quality, performance and coverage, with the hope of dramatically improving coding productivity for developers. Additional information about Codase can be found at http://www.codase.com or email to codase@remotesoft.com.

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