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Codase Announces Beta Version of its Syntax-Aware Source Code Search Engine

Fremont, CA - Nov 10, 2005 - Codase, Inc., a leading source code search company, announced today the release of the beta version of its advanced source code search service, with the service being made immediately available through its website, http://www.codase.com.

Codase is an innovative and unique search engine for source code. Codase offers the best search results than any other services available today in source code search space. First, the fundamental difference is that Codase understands many programming languages as  the intelligent source code analysis engine parses them into individual language constructs, while other search engines simply treat code as text. Second, Codase performs hierarchy and relationship searches, rather than flat keyword searches. Codase facilitates a way to convert flat and unstructured data into hierarchies with relationships. Relationships among elements are stored and thus can be searched, whereas other search engines only perform one level keyword search.

Compared to the alpha release, the current beta version has many improvements and new features. The following is a brief summary:

  • More code and projects - This beta release contains about 250 million lines of code in C, C++ and Java, whereas the initial alpha release focused mainly on Linux C/C++ code with about 120 million lines of code. The total number of projects indexed in this beta release is over 15,000 open source projects. By searching around this large code base, developers can fully take advantage of existing work and thus improve their own productivity for development.

  • Smart query system - This beta release provides an innovative, straightforward and yet very powerful way to enter complex queries. For the first time, to find relevant code, developers can simply type into a search box about the same code as they do in their daily development work. The Codase smart query system processes the input and then builds an internal query to feed into the search engine. Through this free style format, complex combinations of multiple search terms can be easily entered. For example, to find any main method that contains variable t and function calls of thread.start() and println, this query can be used: main() { var t; thread.start(); println; }.

  • Java API documentation and browsing system - This beta release features a java documentation and code browsing interface, where developers can read java API documentation and click for sample code. This is a powerful mechanism for developers to learn how to use java APIs by consulting real code samples from hundreds of millions of lines of java code. The standard J2SDK and the enterprise J2EE platforms are covered. http://www.codase.com/java.

"After the alpha release two months ago, we have received many positive feedbacks and suggestions. This beta release addresses some of their requests.", said Dr. Huihong Luo, founder of Codase, "We will continue to innovate, and truly make Codase a top site for developers."

About Codase, Inc.
Codase is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, founded by Dr. Huihong Luo and other veterans in 2004. The company is dedicated to providing the world's best search technologies for source code in terms of features, quality, performance and coverage, with the hope of dramatically improving coding productivity for developers. Additional information about Codase can be found at http://www.codase.com or email to codase@remotesoft.com.

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